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Human Resources Techniques

View our library of HR management techniques

Action Learning

Learn how to solve real business problems more effectively

Agency Theory

Overcome problems and conflicts that can stop your business developing productive and profitable relationships


A cost effective way to bring someone young and energetic and train them the way you want your business to run

Assessing Health and Safety

Keep compliant with the Health and Safety requirements for your business

Asymmetric Information

Be more informed about negotiations and business transactions - understand your advantages and weaknesses

Attribution Theory

Don't let costly recruitment and appraisal mistakes impact your firm's profit and performance.

Authority, Autocracy, Autonomy

Great businesses are led by great leaders - recruit for the right leadership style to drive outstanding results.


Find out how bringing services back in-house can save money.

Balanced Scorecard

Get a rounded view of performance, not just the financial numbers

Behaviourist Psychology

Part of your toolkit to understand people, motivation and incentives

Big Five / Five-Factor Model

To understand group performance, understanding personality is essential

Bounded Rationality Model of Decision-Making

Understand the reality of how you, and others, make business decisions

Business Ethics

Long term success depends on an ethical approach to doing business

Change Agents

Change can make or break a company - make sure you've got the best person to lead you.

Change Leadership

The only constant is change; make sure you are equipped

Change Management

Change management can be hard; master the key success factors

Classical and Operant Conditioning

Well-rewarded and motivated employees work harder, stay longer, and generate more profit - make this a reality in your company

Cognitive Bias

Most of your decisions are biased - find out why

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment

Reduce lead times by 18% by working collaboratively with your trading partners

Collective Bargaining

Growing companies must pay attention to their employees' needs and working conditions - create win-wins by working effectively with unions

Commercial Awareness

The secret sauce for good business management

Competitive Intelligence

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer? Keep one step ahead by knowing what your competitors are doing

Contingency Theory of Leadership

Great leaders aren't always born - learn how to develop your leaders to drive profitability and boost customer engagement.

Continuous Improvement

If you are not doing things better your competition will be. You can lose at least 20% sales if you do not keep offering more to your customers

Corporate/Organisational Culture

Big businesses make £Millions extra by getting more performance and better new ideas from their workers

Cross-Functional Supply Management

Improve your responsiveness to customers by joining up your internal teams


Make sure your organisation is robust by broadening the skills of your people

Customer Centric International Shared Services

Maximise customer centricity - co-design services with key stakeholders to achieve excellence in service provision across international boundaries.

DABDA Syndrome

After a loss or change - help your staff to cope, move on, and thrive again.

Delphi Forecasting Method

In complex situations, Delphi can help you analyse the options

Diversity Management

Diversity can help you create new product and service ideas to delight your customers. Start being more innovative and profitable today!

Division of Labour

Speed up production; get your products to market quicker.

Double-Loop Learning

Learn from mistakes, and learn to adapt and anticipate change, with double loop learning


If you need to downsize, do it well

Due Diligence

Know what you are really buying or selling, and with who, with due diligence


It is essential that your online presence reflects your business well. Do it right

Emergent Change

Planned or not, change will happen in, and outside your organisation - understand this to stay on track

Emotional Intelligence

Some say EI is central to the performance of visionary leaders

Employee Engagement

The top 25% most profitable companies have loyal staff who "live the brand" like an owner and have 50% less turnover saving time and money

Employee-centred Leadership Style

Empowering Employees

Your staff will work harder and be more loyal if they feel trusted and able to make some of their own decisions


Identify and exploit new ideas effectively

Equity Theory

Start getting better results: Raise staff motivation and productivity to new levels.

ERG Theory

Motivate your staff to hit your business goals and grow the bottom line.


Good design of your workplace can underpin higher productivity and fewer days lost to illness

Expectancy Theory

Don't just expect your employees to perform at their best, know how to make it happen.

Experience Curve

As your experience doubles, your costs can come down 20 - 30%

Field Theory

About 70% of changes that companies make don't achieve their end goal - learn how to make changes successfully.

Flat / Horizontal Organisation

Reducing the number of managers even in a small company can have a positive effect on business performance and results

Gestalt Psychology

Getting ahead in business is about knowing how the small details create the bigger picture.

Group Dynamics

Understand how people interact and how to get the most from your staff and teams

Group Norms

Build better teams to drive profits and success.

Hawthorne Effect

People behave differently when they are being watched. Understand the effects of this for the benefit of your business's performance

Hierarchy of Needs

Everyone needs different things at different times. Your business will perform much better if your staff are happy

Holland Typology

Understand what drives your people and make sure your business benefits

Horizontal vs. Vertical Integration

Understand where there might be opportunities for your business to collaborate - it could be in similar or different areas

Human Capital

People are at the core of every business and this is critical to understand

Human Resource Audit

Make sure your business has the right people at the right time to succeed

Human Resource Based Theories of Strategy

Having good people in itself can drive value for your business

Human Resources Information Systems

Your people are your most important assets, make managing them more effortless.

Information Management

Be sure your business decisions are based on the right information

Innovation Capital

Learn how to protect your most important assets - future-proof your organisation to stay ahead of competitors

Innovation Management

Innovate or die. You need to keep generating new ideas and value in your business to stay ahead. Understand how to make sure it happens and manage it

Intellectual Capitalism

Your employees' know-how and ideas are often your greatest assets, manage and protect these to build a more profitable, enterprising business.

Intellectual Property Management

Protecting your big ideas is critical to success. Companies like IBM make up to 3,300% more by managing their Intellectual Property well

Internal Strategic Integration

When all business functions are aligned to the overall strategy the collective results are likely to improve


As your business grows how can you keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive from start-up phase?

Job Enrichment

Keep your staff motivated to perform by demonstrating your commitment to them aswell

Job Evaluation

Understand all of the jobs that your business needs and then you can set the right reward structure to make sure the business reaches peak performance

Job-Centred Leadership

Job-centred leaders get the task done - quickly and efficiently. Learn how to lead for profit and performance.


How to manage stock and inventory levels at the absolute minimum to keep working capital free


A way to drive co-operation, commitment and improvement in your business at every level. Ultimately helps your business to stay ahead

Key Performance Indicators

You can't manage what you don't measure - get everyone performing at their best.

Knowledge Capital

Knowledge and intellectual capital are assets that need to be recognised in most businesses these days. Be sure to know what they are and how to protect them

Labour and Human Rights in Purchasing & Supply Management


All companies need to be led. If you understand what it entails your Company could be the next Apple

Lean Manufacturing / Production

Eliminating waste from your organisation can impact on your costs dramatically

Learning Management System

Businesses who invest in learning and development achieve higher profits and growth. Understand how to track and measure these investments.

Learning Organisation

Experiences both good and bad happen every day in business - make sure yours turns them all into a positive

Locus of Control

Managers who are in control get the best results for the whole company.

Management By Objectives

Help your employees hit their targets by setting the right goals and actions.

Management By Walking Around

If you wait for people to come to you, you’ll only get small problems. The big problems are where people don’t realise they have one in the first place

Managing Global Virtual Teams

Smaller firms can work virtually too - follow these guidelines for optimal productivity

Matrix Management

The world's best companies work seamlessly across departments, learn how to make your management the best it can be.


Take a personal interest in your staff and devote some time to helping them improve and progress. Your business will benefit greatly

Motivator-Hygiene Theory

Recognise what motivates people and what doesn't - your business needs good people to succeed

Multidivisional Organisational Structure


Organisations are made by people, brains determine how people behave. Successful organisations use neuroscience to improve people’s performances and their well-being.

Nominal Group Technique

Involve your people in making decisions for the business and they will work with you to help your business achieve its full potential

Organisation Development

Transform your business for maximum success - avoid becoming one of the 25-50% of firms that fail at OD projects.

Organisation Theory

Redesign and optimise your organisation for breakthrough performance.

Organisational Behaviour Modification

This technique can be used to motivate and encourage employees to help your business achieve its potential


Dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency and learn how to outsource effectively, safely and profitably.

Paradigm and Paradigm Shifting


A method of structuring your staff's pay linking it to certain goals or targets: make sure your people are focused on the right things

Performance Appraisal

The evaluation of performance that will help you understand your staff's abilities and development possibilities

Person-Organisation Fit

About 40% of firms struggle to find and hire talented people - in order to be the best, learn how to attract the best.

Personal Development Plans

Keep on top of your continuing professional growth and be able to react to a changing working environment by using a tailored tool to manage personal development.


Understand how the balance of power can work in your favour and when to be aware that it might not and help your business to rise above

Psychological Contract

Understand what your staff think they have signed up for over and above the words on the page

Pygmalion Effect

Even a bad hiring mistake can be turned around - use the Pygmalion effect to help average and low performers excel.

Quality Circles

Ensuring quality can set your business apart from the rest. Here is one recognised way that you can do it

Quality Management

Buy cheap, buy twice. Garbage in, garbage out. Make sure your business is a quality business

Reinforcement Theory

Reward employees in the right way to really benefit the bottom line - learn the techniques that really work.

Resources and Competencies in Procurement

Make sure you have the right people with the right skills buying on behalf of your business. Getting this wrong can be costly

Scientific Management

Your business might benefit from understanding whether a more rigid approach to division of work will bring better results

Security and Ethical Challenges of IT

Businesses are at significant risk of cyber attacks - implement the right policies and train your employees to protect your profits.

Shared Services

Cut costs and save time - learn how to be more efficient by sharing services

Shared Services Client-Advisor Relationships

To deliver greater value, focus on flexible partnership models responsive to changing business needs and more conducive to building trust.

Shared Services Innovation

Consider your innovation route map - recognise the value of applying innovative thinking to shared services implementation.


If you have a new idea for your business it can often be made to happen quicker if you set up a team that is "out of the business"

Social Learning Theory

Your star employees can help others perform at the top of their game.

Social Network Analysis

Social Networking can be a powerful source of new ideas that can open up opportunities for businesses everywhere

Span of Control

Build the ideal team size to boost manager and employee performance.

Strategic Alignment

Learn how to outperform the competition by matching your strategy and resources.

Strategic Business Units

If your business has different product or service lines you could make more money by treating them as separate business units which need their own strategic direction

Strategy Map

Strategy maps are essential roadmaps to achieving growth and profits and to understand all your options and get ahead.

Successful Project Management

Running your business well involves many simultaneous projects - manage them effectively and ensure your business succeeds

Succession Planning

Make sure you have the right talent ready to step up and lead your business when your best people leave.

Supply Chain Integration

Speaking to all of your suppliers regularly may open up collaboration opportunities which can save you money and maybe even open up new money making ventures

T-Shaped People

The Halo Effect

Don't make costly hiring mistakes that could hit your bottom line.

Theory of Constraints

Uncover the weakest links in your production processes - make more profit by being more efficient

Theory X and Theory Y

Understanding what motivates people will help you manage them and if they want what you want you can take your business to the next level

Theory Z

Keeping people motivated can be difficult. This technique shows how one approach has been successful in the likes of IBM in achieving great results

Total Quality Management

Deliver the best quality you can and your business can succeed

Transactional Leadership

The world's best companies know how to set goals and reward employees - learn how to lead to hit and exceed targets.

Transformational Leadership

what are the characteristics of people who drive businesses to the next level?

Type A and Type B Personality

Learn which personality types can help your business to grow and be more profitable.

Types of Innovations

Increase your profits by entering new markets, developing new products and overhauling your business processes.

Ulrich Model

HR can add more value: Increase profits and performance, while reducing operating costs.

Understanding Contracts of Employment

People are the biggest asset and investment of your business - having the right contracts in place is essential