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Sales & Marketing Techniques

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Advertising Campaign

Drive sales by getting the right message to the right people in the right way at the right time


Really understand the buying process so you can sell effectively

Asymmetric Information

Be more informed about negotiations and business transactions - understand your advantages and weaknesses

Balanced Scorecard

Get a rounded view of performance, not just the financial numbers

Better Outbound Marketing

Get your business noticed and generate sales revenue by actively promoting it

Bounded Rationality Model of Decision-Making

Understand the reality of how you, and others, make business decisions

Brand Loyalty

Increase your revenue by growing a solid base of repeat customers that will buy from you instead of your competitors

Brand Management

Successful brands are around for a long, long time and can make companies worth hundreds of billions of £s


The best brands last generations and are worth building well. Get this right and your business will succeed

Business-to-Business Marketing/Branding

Know why selling to businesses is not the same as selling to individuals, and do both better

Capability Management

Build “signature processes” that boost the bottom line and make it hard for your competitors to copy your success.

Change Management

Change management can be hard; master the key success factors


Don't just think you know what your customers want - start generating higher profits by working together with customers on products and services

Coefficient of Elasticity

Learn how demand and price works in the market - position your business for growth and profitability

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment

Reduce lead times by 18% by working collaboratively with your trading partners

Commercial Intelligence

Turn what you know about your market into new business opportunities

Comparative Advertising

Sell more by presenting your offer in a good light against the competition

Competitive Intelligence

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer? Keep one step ahead by knowing what your competitors are doing

Concentrated Marketing

Choose a narrow customer focus, even for a time, you can drive up sales by 50% or more

Consumer Behaviour

Knowing what makes your potential customers tick is central to success

Continuous Improvement

If you are not doing things better your competition will be. You can lose at least 20% sales if you do not keep offering more to your customers


Smart companies work together to save money on some shared costs - but still stay fiercely competitive in other areas.


Cross-Elasticity of Demand

Your competitors' products can affect demand and interest for your products - know why this could happen

Cross-Functional Supply Management

Improve your responsiveness to customers by joining up your internal teams


Boost sales by up to 230% by making the most of what you have to sell

Customer Profiling

If you know who your potential customers are and what they need you can sell it to them. Doing it well can increase sales by over 40%

Customer Relationship Management

Whether your customers are one-offs or regulars if you treat them well you could multiply your revenues over the years

Customer Relationship Management Technology

Take advantage of new and innovative technologies to manage your customer relationships - and stay ahead of the competition

Customer Satisfaction

Research shows customers are more likely to spread the word more widely about a bad than good experience. Make sure yours is the latter

Customer-driven Strategy

Growth and profits need a relentless focus on customer needs - learn how to win out where other companies fail

Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Business

Get new insights into your customers and make smarter business decisions.

Database Marketing

A good database is central to modern marketing

Database Systems and Management

Manage your databases to get deeper insights into your staff and customers.

Demand Curve

Be more profitable and grow your business - make sure your products are in demand and that customers pay the best price


Be different. Get it right and you could achieve up to 66% market share like Red Bull

Digital Marketing

Sell at least 80% more - in the digital age you need to know where and how to sell on what platform. It is essential to get this right

Direct Marketing

Approaching potential customers directly can bring up to 80% more business


New products and markets offer new revenue streams - learn how to identify and seize these opportunities

Due Diligence

Know what you are really buying or selling, and with who, with due diligence


Your business could generate many mutliples more revenue by maximising your online capabalities


It is essential that your online presence reflects your business well. Do it right


Successful companies such as Tesco are able to achieve over 50% market share through their online activities

Emergent Change

Planned or not, change will happen in, and outside your organisation - understand this to stay on track

Empowering Employees

Your staff will work harder and be more loyal if they feel trusted and able to make some of their own decisions


Accurate forecasting is essential and will focus your business on achieving its potential


Around 92% of all UK franchisees reported profitability over the last 12 months - generate additional revenue using proven business formats

Guerrilla Marketing

Could an unconventional marketing campaign be just what your business needs to get to the next level?

Improving Product Differentiation

Being different is essential to fulfil the sales potential of your business. Be sure to understand and exploit it

Income Elasticity of Demand

Train your staff to know why changing customer incomes might affect demand for your products or services.

Information Management

Be sure your business decisions are based on the right information

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power. Be sure to manage the knowledge in your business well to achieve the results it is capable of

Learning Organisation

Experiences both good and bad happen every day in business - make sure yours turns them all into a positive

Lifetime Customer Value Analysis

The most successful businesses such as Google use this technique to make more money, more often and for longer

Long Tail

Similar to Pareto's 80/20 - approximately 80% spend will be covered by 20% of the suppliers and conversely 20% of the spend will be comprised of a long tail of suppliers - 80%. Whether you are a buyer or supplier you need to know how to manage this

Loyalty Management

Loyal customers and loyal staff can make all the difference to the success of your business

Market Positioning

Understand where the gaps are and make your product stand out from the crowd

Market Segmentation

Make more money by recognising the different needs of different customers and selling them what they want

Marketing Management

Make sure your business chooses the right target markets. Win new customers, keep them and grow your busines

Marketing Mix

Sell the right product, at the right price, in the right place, with the right promotion. And succeed where others fail

Marketing Myopia

Look at what you could be selling to people rather than what you currently have to sell them. Increase revenue opportunities

Marketing Research

Get ahead - and stay ahead - by knowing your market better than your competitors.

Marketing Services Procurement

Using a specialist marketer could be a quick route to raising awareness of your business

Marketing Strategies

Ensure your marketing strategy is primed to succeed


Know how to cooperate with powerful businesses to win more business.


Learn how to cooperate with large businesses to grow your sales and win more business.

Multi-Channel Distribution Systems

Start reaching multiple markets and customer segments to really drive growth and profitability

Multilevel Selling

Learn how multi-level selling has helped other companies to grow quickly and reach the masses


Expand your customer base and generate bigger profits using narrowcasting - one of today's most important marketing concepts

Need Satisfaction Selling

Truly understand your customers' needs - outperform your competitors and start generating superior profits

New Product Development

Know when and how to develop new products to add to your portfolio and drive up revenue

Niche vs. Mass Marketing

Select the right approach for your business to underpin your sales strategy


Compete or cooperate with large businesses to grow your sales and start winning more business and contracts.

Outsourcing Innovation

Innovation is key to growth, outsourcing innovation can bring the ideas and expertise needed to kickstart new projects.

Paradigm and Paradigm Shifting

Price Discrimination

You may be able to charge different prices to different customer types and increase your profitability quickly

Pricing Decisions

Get this wrong you will sell nothing, get it right you can thrive

Pricing Models

Setting the right price is crucial in every market - make your choice well

Product Life Cycle

Understand this and you will unlock the best way to sell your product or service

Public Relations

How your business is viewed by the public, your potential customers, is critical to success

Quality Management

Buy cheap, buy twice. Garbage in, garbage out. Make sure your business is a quality business

Relationship Marketing

Retaining customers is cheaper and quicker than trying to get new business. Maintain your relationship with them however possible

Relationship Selling

Build strong customer trust and loyalty - and convert these into strong, long-term revenue

Sales and Marketing Alignment

It is critical for the sales and marketing messages that come from your business to be the same

Sales Force Effectiveness

Build a winning salesforce that knows how to boost the bottomline.

Sales Intelligence Solution and Sales Force Automation

Understand how best to manage your sales opportunities and maximise revenue

Sales Process and Sales Cycle

Every business sells in different ways and length of time. Make it as clear and short as possible to maximise revenue

Sales Techniques

Master different selling techniques to boost your sales and profits.

Scientific Retailing

Leading companies secure repeat customers by using scientific retailing techniques - learn how and start growing your sales and profit today

Search Engine Optimisation

With millions of websites online, SMEs can't afford to ignore SEO - start generating more web traffic and more sales to stay ahead of your competitors

Social Media Management

Learn how social media can help grow your business, reach new customers, and boost sales and revenue

Social Media Marketing

Use social media marketing to reach new customers, build your reputation, and boost sales

Strategic Alignment

Learn how to outperform the competition by matching your strategy and resources.

Strategic Business Units

If your business has different product or service lines you could make more money by treating them as separate business units which need their own strategic direction

Strategic Positioning

The right positioning can increase sales by up to 170% even in well populated markets

Strategy Map

Strategy maps are essential roadmaps to achieving growth and profits and to understand all your options and get ahead.

Successful Project Management

Running your business well involves many simultaneous projects - manage them effectively and ensure your business succeeds

Supply Chain Integration

Speaking to all of your suppliers regularly may open up collaboration opportunities which can save you money and maybe even open up new money making ventures

T-Shaped People

Targeted Marketing

Know who you customers are, what they want, and sell it to them. Do it right and you could charge up to a 30% premium

Third-Party Marketplaces

There might be a cheaper way to find your components or mass-sell your products via market places. Understand how they work

Total Quality Management

Deliver the best quality you can and your business can succeed

Value Based Pricing

What is the real value add of your business and how much can you charge your customers