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CMI Study Unit

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Strategic human resource planning

This unit will ensure you are able to understand how Human Resource planning links with strategic objectives

People are at the centre of your organisation's strategic effectiveness

Study Unit Code: 7012V1

Study Unit Group: B

Study Unit Credits: 8

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Assignment Summary

Discuss how effective HR planning impacts on the strategic effectiveness of an organisation and assess the strategic importance of current, future and anticipated HR requirements. Evaluate current legal requirements influencing an HR plan and how they relate to the recruitment and selection of staff. Consider the impact of organisation al culture and work life balance issues in relation to performance. You should describe the processes involved in grievance, discipline and dismissal processes and explain the role of outside agencies such as ACAS.

Upon completion of this CMI unit you will be able to:

  • Understand how the HR plan supports the strategic objectives.
  • Understand the legal and organisational frameworks for the employment of staff.
  • Understand the grievance, discipline and dismissal process.

  • Course Materials

    All of the below are techniques related to the Study Unit and can be read, applied and referenced in completion of the Study Unit.

    Apprenticeship Assessing Health and Safety Behaviourist Psychology Core Competencies Corporate/Organisational Culture Downsizing Globalisation Hierarchy of Needs Human Capital Human Resource Audit Human Resource Based Theories of Strategy Job Enrichment Job Evaluation Labour and Human Rights in Purchasing & Supply Management Managing Bring-Your-Own-Device Practice Managing Global Virtual Teams Psychological Contract Resource-Based Strategy Social Network Analysis Strategic Planning Theory Z Understanding Contracts of Employment Person-Organisation Fit Freedom of Information Act 2000 Diversity Management Organisation Theory The Halo Effect Organisation Development

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