Group Purchasing Organisations

Group purchasing organisations (GPO) negotiate the purchase of goods and services on behalf of their members. The concept reviews GPSs and their business models, discusses the benefits of using GPO for organisations and presents some weaknesses and success factors of this approach to purchasing.

Technique Overview

Group Purchasing Organisations Definition

Group purchasing is a principal strategy by which companies in many sectors (e.g. healthcare, food and groceries, industrial manufacturing) achieve cost containment, improve the quality of goods purchased and allow staff to focus their efforts on other activities (Schneller, 2000). A group purchasing organisation (GPO) is a purchasing group that has either a formal or virtual structure that facilitates the consolidation of purchases for many organisations. The most representative industry and the primary area of GPOs at the moment is that of healthcare (Nollet and Beaulieu, 2005).

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Business Evidence

Strengths, weaknesses and examples of Group Purchasing Organisations *

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Business Application

Implementation, success factors and measures of Group Purchasing Organisations *

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Professional Tools

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Further Reading

Group Purchasing Organisations web and print resources *

Group Purchasing Organisations references (4 of up to 20) *

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