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CMI Study Unit

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Personal development as a manager and leader

Studying this unit will give you the tools to develop, think and deliver as a successful manager and leader.

Effective managers and leaders need skills and tools to develop themselves and their teams to deliver organisational plans.

Study Unit Code: 5001V1

Study Unit Group: A

Study Unit Credits: 6

Maximum flexibility: Study online, with full Tutor support as and when you need it.

Assignment Summary

Explain how you will identify, plan and execute, with the appropriate resources your personal professional development in the coming year. In addition outline how you will promote and support the welfare of your team.

Upon completion of this CMI unit you will be able to:

  • Be able to assess and plan for personal professional development
  • Be able to plan the resources required for personal professional development
  • Be able to implement and evaluate the personal development plan
  • Be able to support and promote staff welfare

  • Course Materials

    All of the below are techniques related to the Study Unit and can be read, applied and referenced in completion of the Study Unit.

    Learning Organisation Action Learning Organisational Behaviour Modification Mentoring Double-Loop Learning Performance Appraisal Knowledge Management Business Modelling Human Resource Based Theories of Strategy Resources and Competencies in Procurement Corporate/Organisational Culture Learning Management System Psychological Contract Employee-centred Leadership Style Assessing Health and Safety Cross-Training Employee Engagement Human Resources Information Systems Social Learning Theory Key Performance Indicators Organisation Theory Supply Chain Performance Measures Organisation Development Personal Development Plans

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