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CMI Study Unit

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Strategic leadership

Studying this unit will help you to know your own leadership style and evaluate where different styles may be most effective.

Effective leaders lead people but also, crucially, need to embody the culture and ethics of an organisation

Study Unit Code: 7013V1

Study Unit Group: B

Study Unit Credits: 7

Maximum flexibility: Study online, with full Tutor support as and when you need it.

Assignment Summary

Analyse how your organisation's culture and values and other factors impact on leadership demands and outline how effective approaches to leadership may vary according to situational and environmental demands. Evaluate the range different leadership styles and then evaluate two different leadership strategies. Analyse a leadership strategy to support organisational direction.

Upon completion of this CMI unit you will be able to:

  • Understand the organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership.
  • Understand strategic leadership styles.
  • Understand leadership strategies and their impact on organisational direction.

  • Course Materials

    All of the below are techniques related to the Study Unit and can be read, applied and referenced in completion of the Study Unit.

    Assessing Health and Safety Business Ethics Change Leadership Corporate Social Responsibility Emotional Intelligence Employee-centred Leadership Style Ethical Purchasing/Ethical Procurement Expectancy Theory Green Computing Green Logistics Hierarchy of Needs Innovation Management Leadership Lifecycle System Approach Managing Global Virtual Teams Managing Open Innovation Sustainable Supply Chain Theory X and Theory Y Transformational Change Transformational Leadership Triple Bottom Line Transactional Leadership Change Agents Contingency Theory of Leadership Job-Centred Leadership

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