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CMI Study Unit

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Being a leader

Studying this unit will help you to know your own leadership style and evaluate where different styles may be most effective.

Effective leaders lead people but also, crucially, need to embody the culture and ethics of an organisation

Study Unit Code: 5012V1

Study Unit Group: B

Study Unit Credits: 7

Maximum flexibility: Study online, with full Tutor support as and when you need it.

Assignment Summary

Evaluate different leadership styles and identify which one you think most fits how you operate. Identify how this fits with your organisation and explain how you intend to use your leadership influence to ensure you and your team hit your goals and that everyone is actively involved in this pursuit.

Upon completion of this CMI unit you will be able to:

  • Understand an organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership
  • Understand leadership styles
  • Understand the leadership skills required to ensure team involvement and achievement of objectives

  • Course Materials

    All of the below are techniques related to the Study Unit and can be read, applied and referenced in completion of the Study Unit.

    Corporate/Organisational Culture Psychological Contract Virtual Organisations Business Ethics Transformational Change PESTEL Analysis Group Dynamics Hawthorne Effect Leadership Transformational Leadership Matrix Management Empowering Employees Managing Global Virtual Teams Portfolio Management Skunkworks Theory X and Theory Y Theory Z Learning Organisation Transactional Leadership Person-Organisation Fit Authority, Autocracy, Autonomy Contingency Theory of Leadership Job-Centred Leadership Ulrich Model Pygmalion Effect Equity Theory Span of Control Organisation Theory

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